502 Clones

We offer clones and seeds

Are you a licensed 502 producer in Washington State?
Are you looking for 502 clones or seeds?
Are you looking for high quality genetics?

We are a licensed 502 producer/processor that specializes in breeding, cloning and growing ready to flower plants. Our indoor grow is perfectly climate controlled and produces beautiful plants.

You can find our 502 clone pricing here.

502 Clones

If you’re looking for quality 502 clones, we are consistantly bringing new strains into rotation.

502 Genetics Vault

Are you interested in access to genetics for breeding?
Are you looking for new, limited release strains to carry at your farm?
Are you wanting to make a pre-order for plants from a specific strain or mix of strains?

We are constantly developing new genetics and cycling strains into rotation and then into the vault.

Keep an eye out here, and eventually we will post a vault inventory for you to peruse.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact us.